Karl Doerflinger,
who resides in East Providence, Rhode Island, was born in Ohio and raised in Ohio and Tennessee in the 1950's. He is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute Of Art, taught painting for over ten years and has had several showings in the midwest, south and east coast. Karl is one of six siblings and doing things as a family, such as going to a parade, a circus or the sea shore, or just playing together in the snow, has greatly influenced his choice of subject matter in his paintings. The Wickford Winter Hayride print is a good example and shows the kind of fun he had with his family in a small town. From the time he was a child, he was drawn to band organs, carousels and amusement parks.  Before he attended art school, he was drawing various carousels in detail from memory.  He is still fascinated by them, and they appear frequently in his paintings. Karl is a member of the Providence Art Club and shares a studio and has a close association with Maxwell Mays.

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